The band called Lecsa-PUNK was founded in october in 1993. The band was started by Rocky (bass, vocals) and Bőrzsák (drums) and later Levente joined as sologuitarist. It was not very easy for the band that time, mostly caused by financial problems. The first concert was in january 1995 in Hódmezővásárhely, and it was a good effort, and a lot of people saw the band what they had been heard of before. That was followed by further concerts in the near cities. The first demo album was released in 1997 called "Zűrzavar / Chaos", and followed by several concerts. A member change was happened in 1998, a new guitarist joined the band, his name was Feri. The first album was completed in 1999 called "Te vagy az ellenség / You are the enemy" in this set up. Some concerts followed it in Germany and Bohemia. The next album was recorded in june in 2000 and published by Aurora Records, and called "Rémálom / Nightmare". Like the previous cassete this album is very fast and hard and the lyrics are full of political messages too.The band presented it live in Austria, Germany and in Bohemia but at that tour an other drummer played in the band, and in november the real drummer returned. The concerts are continued in 2001 and there was a guitarist change in november, the new guy was called Árpi. Some months later the band go on a tour in this set up in Bohemia, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In may in 2002 German tour turned, and after that, a recording of a single with 3 new songs, and a guitarist change happened again, the old guitarist (Feri) returned to the band. Concerts again in Austria, Serbia, Slovakia. In january in 2003 the band went to a studio to record the first demo album again, that got to only a few place before. But that time they also recorded a single with 3 songs called "We don't need you" and it released in South-America. The European tour was started in february: Bohemia, Germany, Holland, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, Latvia, Estonia, Finland. That tour was contained 46 concerts, and at the end of may, after that there was a few-festival and concerts in the summer. A tour followed it again in September with concerts in Slovenia, Bohemia, and Germany. October was a big occasion, the band became 10 years old, and celeberated it with a concert in Hódmezővásárhely and after that a concerts in Romania too. The jubilee album finished during that time called "10 éve szemben az elnyomással / 10 years against the oppression ". That contains songs from all the released demo albums, albums, singles and an old and two new songs. The album was published by 2 french publisher. The year 2004 was started with a new tour in march: Germany, Luxemburg, Austria, Slovakia, Bohemia, France, and Spain. The band played 31 concerts during this tour. After the concerts in summer were some concents in Romania. and in november our new single came out split with Zemezluc. This single was recorded in 2002. The next sing has set out (We don't need you) with Retaque from Ecuador. (supported by 2 south-american and 1 american records)
The next was a Romanian tour in June,where a friend played on guitar with us,he`s called Pista,because with Feri had problems..On that time the songs were ready for the new album and on this tour they played some of this.After the tour still in June the band went studio to record the new album "Legalis pusztitas" (Legal destruction).Some gigs in Hungary,Romania finished the year.
March of 2006 after a few gigs in Hungary,started a mini-tour to Austria,Slovenia and Croatia.
April of 2006 started with a new tour in Czech Rep. and Germany with 15 gigs,but before the day of started,a sad news arrived Feri died in the hospital.They dedicated this tour to him.The following months continued the concerts in Romania,Serbia and Hungary,then in July a Finnish tour came,and after 3 years the band played again to Scandinavia.In August arrived a new drummer he`s called Tamas,who changed from the beginning in the band played Borzsak.Then a short practised time still in this month,and already played to Czech Republic and Slovakia with the new line-up.In November 6 years later the first edition,was released the "Remalom" (Nightmare) CD in Mexico.It was very nice and important,because this album was released only tape before.The year was finished by a small tour in Switzerland and France in December.
2007 they started with a gig in their hometown,and after a long waiting was released the new album "Legalis pusztitas" (Legal destruction) in France.This album got  nice comments and welcome everywhere and many people waited the quite old recorded new stuff.This album also included messages with globalization,exploited nature...Still in March in Austria and in the next months in Hungary and Romania they played on live these songs. 

A West-European tour started end of September to Germany,Belgium,Nederland,France,Switzerland and Norway.In November released the "Legalis pusztitas" CD in Mexico too.
2008 started and the band turned 15 years old!In March some concerts in Czech Rep,and after in May started a 3 weeks tour with 20 concerts in Romania,Czech Rep,Germany,Nederland,Belgium and France.In Summer the band played few concerts,only on 2 festival in Hungary

In 2009 and 2010 some concert in Hungary and Romania.
In 2011 we got the new guitarist Péter (Pupák) and in June started a tour to Russia-Ukraine included 12 concerts.In July to Romania and in September played the band in Budapest,this month started to recording the new songs in the studio.
In 2012 continue the work with mixing for the new stuff...

2013 - The New record "warfare" ep is out now to Indonesia!

Viktor will be the new guitarist,and the end of 2014 arrive a new drummer to the band,than start the practise with the new drummer.
2015 coming the concerts to Germany,Czech Republic,Austria.

2016 similarly for the last year continued the concerts.September changed the drummer,and end of the year the guitarist too.

2016 of September the drummer changed and continued some gigs in Hungary than the next year in Germany too.

2018.The 25th anniversary year,in January started with a German concert,and in February came a South-East Asia tour to Singapore,Malaysia,Indonesia.In April with a new line-up continued the band,than some concerts in Germany,Austria in that year.

The Lecsa-PUNK played several concerts far and wide in europe with lot of bands from the wide world: D.O.A, Varukers ,Vice Squad,Peter & Test Tube...,Poison Idea, Cólera, Los Fastidios, Zemezluc, N.V.U, Speichelbroiss, Apatia No, Davova Psychoza, Czolgosz ,Konflikt, Barackca, Inerdzia, Conflict, Oi Polloi, Purgen......

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